Fair Trade Organic | Ethiopia Jimma Oromia | Natural Process
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Fair Trade Organic | Ethiopia Jimma Oromia | Natural Process

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A Natural Processed, Fair Trade Organic, Ethiopian coffee.

This coffee is Full-Bodied, sweet, and has a citrusy afternote leaving you wanting more,
Grown from 1,400-2,100 metres above sea level, due to this high altitude, this coffee is quite acidic, giving it that sweetness that is prevalent within.

Coming from the lush Jimma region within Ethiopia, this coffee is not only Fair Trade Organic, but also apart of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (O.C.F.C.U for short), ensuring quality pay and good living for the people who work hard to grow this coffee.

This coffee pairs well with pour-over or espresso, however it is a personal favourite of ours for pour-over, for which we recommend either a 1:15 or a 1:16 ratio of Coffee:Water, this is up to personal preference but these have been our favourites, and for espresso we always recommend a 1:2 ratio.

This coffee is a light-medium roast, our single origins will always be roasted lighter than our blends, as when you brew coffee from one origin only, you are able to taste the beans delicate flavour notes more clearly, and the decreased (from the norm) roast level allows for more flavour to appear than what would've on something like a medium or dark roast.

If you order 500g or 1kg, it will come in:

2x 250g bags (For 500g)

4x 250g bags (For 1kg)