About Roastology.

At Roastology, we want to challenge the status quo of commercially, large batch roasted coffee with little to no attention to quality, steep pricing and lack of care for the characteristics of the beans. We only roast in small batches to order, ensuring we don't have coffee sitting around losing flavour and going stale before it even gets to your doorstep. 
We only roast the beans with the natural flavours and characteristics in mind, meaning we make sure that there are no roast defects, burnt beans, or other problems that could potentially leave a sour taste in your cup. We are dedicated to quality, consistency, and great coffee that is affordable and available to all, this is the reason we have such competitive pricing despite only using specialty grade beans which other companies would charge a fortune for simply because they can.
If you're not happy with your beans feel free to contact us, you can find info on the Contacts page, we will try get back to you ASAP, as we value everyone's input.