Brazil Alta Mogiana | Natural Process
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Brazil Alta Mogiana | Natural Process

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Coming from the Beautiful green hills of Alta Mogiana in Brazil, this coffee is the epitome of perfect, grown between 800-1,200metres above sea level, this coffee is earthy, bold, with a lingering sweetness and a citrus-fruit aroma.

This coffee is Naturally processed, meaning that the coffee cherries are left on raised wooden beds to dry under the sun, this allows more intense, acidic and sweet flavours to come out of the coffee when brewed, leaving for a perfect pour-over or espresso.

This coffee pairs well in both pour-over or espresso, for pour-over, we recommend a 1:16 ratio of Coffee:Water, and for espresso, 1:2.

This coffee is a light-medium roast, our single origins will always be roasted lighter than our blends, as when you brew coffee from one origin only, you are able to taste the beans delicate flavour notes more clearly, and the decreased (from the norm) roast level allows for more flavour to appear than what would've on something like a medium or dark roast.

If you order 500g or 1kg, it will come in:

2x 250g bags (For 500g)

4x 250g bags (For 1kg)